Air Cooled Vacuum Furnaces

The RD-G Vacuum Furnace


RD-M Vacuum Furnace

The RD-M vacuum furnace is designed for brazing and annealing under high vacuum conditions as required for active metal brazing and processing of reactive materials highly sensitive to oxidation. The thermal shield packs are fabricated from multiple layers of molybdenum and stainless steel to provide the cleanest possible operating environment. It comes equipped with a turbomolecular high vacuum pump for the ultimate in purity and cleanliness.

The sophisticated control system of this furnace includes 6 channels of data acquisition which is accessed on the users PC via a RS 232 communications port. Data available includes temperature, vacuum levels, and other process variables for data analysis or quality control, as well as heating element resistance and furnace power consumption for maintenance and diagnostic purposes.

The following image shows a cross-section of the RD-G vacuum furnace.


Representative RD-M Vacuum Furnace Cross-Section

The following figure describes the temperature uniformity in relation to the distance from the center in millimeters.


Temperature Uniformity of Representative RD-M Vacuum Furnace

The following table lists specifications of the RD-M furnace.

RD-M Vacuum Furnace Specifications

Download RD-M PDF Brochure Here