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The RD-G Vacuum Furnace
 RD-G Vacuum Furnace

RD-G Vacuum Furnace

The RD-G is a high temperature vacuum/inert gas furnace designed specifically for university, industrial, and government research laboratories. Both installation and operation are simple and inexpensive. No cooling water or drain is required. A standard wall outlet provides sufficient electrical power to operate the furnace at full temperature. There are no water cooling channels to clog, no chamber corrosion from galvanic action, and no water leaks degrading vacuum quality.

The table top furnace comes complete with all components required for operation. Since power consumption is less than 2 kW, a typical run can be made with a utility cost of less than one dollar. The RD-G is the ideal furnace for researchers who would rather spend their time and money performing experiments than on buying and maintaining furnace equipment.

The following image shows a cross-section of the RD-G vacuum furnace.


United States Patent Patent Number: 5,987,053
Date of Patent: Nov. 16, 1999
Filed: Sept. 3, 1997
Inventor: Richard Dyson Webb

Representative RD-G Vacuum Furnace Cross-Section (from Patent)

The following table compares the features of the RD-G furnace with those of a typical traditional furnace.

RD-G Vacuum Furnace Feature Comparison
Feature RD-G Furnace Traditional Furnace
Cost Low High
Water cooling needed None Yes
Flow switches needed None Yes
Water chiller needed None Yes
Plumbing None Extensive
Power Wall outlet Dedicated
Installation 1 day Many days
Temp Sensor Pyro and TC One sensor
Instrumentation Included Optional
Power usage 2 kW 20 kW
Add ports work Easy Difficult
Spare parts cost Inexpensive Expensive
Operation User friendly Complicated
Training required Minimal Extensive

The following table lists specifications of the RD-G furnace.

RD-G Vacuum Furnace Specifications
Element Description
Maximum temperature 2200°C argon; 2000°C vacuum (N2)
Ultimate vacuum with turbo 10-6 mbar
Min. heatup time 2 hrs.
Min. cooldown time 4 hrs.
Opening temperature 400°C
Work zone 90mm dia X 50mm tall
Insulation graphite
Heating element carbon-carbon
Mechanical vacuum pump 3 l/sec two stage
Optional high vacuum pump 240 l/sec turbo pump
Vacuum valve manual
Gas inlet & outlet valves manual
Overpressure relief valve + 40 kPa
Flowmeter 20 SCFH
Bourdon Tube gauge +/- 100kPa
Vacuum gauge 10-7 mbar to atm
Pyrometer 800°C to 2300°C
Thermocouple 0 to 1500°C
Programmable controller 20 program storage
TC to pyro control bumpless transfer
Communications RS 232
Line voltage 120 v or 240v
Frequency 50/60 hz
Furnace power 2 KW
Mech. pump power 500 W
Furnace WxDxH 75kg 950mmX500mmX1100mm
Controls WXDXH 50kg 500mmX400mmX400mm
Mechanical Pump 25 kg 150mmX550mmX250mm

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